World-Class Tobacco & Nicotine Science and Technology

Our purpose is clear: Build A Better Tomorrow™.

Tobacco products exist on a continuum of risk to the consumer’s health, with combustible cigarettes being the riskiest.

At Reynolds, we put science first, focusing our nicotine and tobacco science research and technology efforts on potentially reduced-risk products as we accelerate our Tobacco Harm Reduction efforts to reduce the health impact of our business.

Science leads the way.

Sarah Baxter-Wright, VP of Science

“I firmly believe in what we’re doing in the tobacco harm reduction space. I think being able to offer potentially reduced-risk products that will reduce exposure to  harmful chemicals is a huge offering for the US population.”

– Sarah Baxter-Wright, VP of Science 

We operate in a broad spectrum of scientific fields including molecular biology, toxicology, and chemistry as we assess the reduced-risk potential of our products. It is essential that these products are backed by strong science and that science is peer-reviewed by the scientific community.

Reducing the drivers of disease.

Priscilla Samuel, SVP, Scientific & Public Health Affairs

We are building the foundation for non-combustible products through robust science, including our 9-Step Framework to assess the risk of our products. Our framework includes scientific studies starting from small-scale studies at the laboratory bench all the way up to large-scale studies examining the effect of our products on public health.

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