The Reynolds Management Team is responsible for overseeing the organization’s strategies and policies.

Management Team

  • Guy Meldrum

    President and Chief Executive Officer of Reynolds American Inc.

  • Nancy Hawley

    Executive Vice President, Operations

  • Jorge Araya

    Executive Vice President, Marketing

  • Richard Bakker

    Executive Vice President, Finance

  • Jeff Raborn

    Executive Vice President, Law & External Affairs and General Counsel

  • Jim Figlar

    Executive Vice President, Research & Development and Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

  • Anna Dolgikh

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Julian Prynn

    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

  • Aaron Gwinner

    Senior Vice President, Information & Digital Technology

This page shows the Reynolds American Inc. Leadership Team. It does not reflect formal titles and does not represent any formal employer-employee relationship.