Adhering To Robust Corporate Governance

We operate in an honest, transparent, and accountable way, and maintain integrity in everything we do. Our Ethos and Guiding Principles set out how we do things at Reynolds.

2022 Corporate Governance By The Numbers


Completion of our annual Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC).


Our investment with TruAge™ helps further our commitment to youth tobacco prevention.

Since 1995

Reynolds has supported the industry program We Card since 1995.


100% of our salaried employees completed iCommit Youth Access Prevention Training.

Robust governance is critical to our sustainable long-term goals. We consistently review and update our policies and standards to ensure we manage our business with the highest level of integrity.

-Jeff Raborn, EVP, Law & External Affairs and RAI General Counsel

100% SoBC Sign-Off Completion

During our 2022 Integrity Week campaign, we highlighted our Commitment to Integrity and asked our employees to sign a pledge that related to them most. We are always committed to maintaining a culture of integrity in the workplace. Our Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC) cover areas such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC), political contributions, anti-money laundering, and tax evasion. Our annual SoBC sign-off is a key component of the Delivery with Integrity compliance program. We have consistently achieved 100% sign-off completion, which is one of the hallmarks of our strong compliance program.

Strengthening Youth Access Prevention

Our approach to responsible marketing reflects our commitment to providing enjoyable products to existing adult tobacco consumers while preventing youth exposure to our products and product marketing.

In addition to adhering to applicable laws and regulations, Reynolds Guiding Principles, and the International Marking Principles, our operating companies must also adhere to our Youth Access Prevention (YAP) Guidelines, which include mandatory requirements to:

• Work directly with retailers to uphold minimum-age laws and our own internal standards
• Support distributors in providing training and point-of-sale materials for use of retailers

Our companies partner with expert third-party entities, including leading analytics and data providers, to implement and improve upon best-in-class technology and vetting systems that ensure marketing is directed to appropriate adult audiences and restricts youth access.

In addition to ensuring we continue to responsibly market our products to adult tobacco and nicotine consumers —which is critical for our business—we also support programs aimed at preventing youth tobacco use.

iCommit Youth Access Prevention Training

In 2022, we launched a training module covering various marketing practices and guidelines to help ensure that our marketing is tailored to adult tobacco consumers aged 25 and up across all marketing channels.

We are proud to say that 100% of our salaried employees completed this training, educating them on effective ways of marketing our products while delivering on our commitment to youth access prevention.

We have supported the industry program We Card since 1995

Reynolds has supported the industry program We Card since 1995, and we contractually require our retailers to commit to participating in the program

Our investment with TruAge™ helps further our commitment to youth tobacco prevention

Reynolds Announced As Sponsor Of TruAge™

In February 2022, we announced our partnership with the NACS and Conexxus to serve as a sponsor of TruAge™ , a new digital solution to help make the process of verifying an adult tobacco consumer's age more secure and reliable.

Our investment with TruAge™ helps further our commitment to keeping youth tobacco prevention at the forefront of our efforts and continued commitment to operate responsibly, as we transform to reduce the health impact of our business.