Senior Scientist, Emery Ngamasana, Gives Back to Home Community in the Congo

Emery Ladi Ngamasana, one of our senior scientists, knew he needed to step in to help where he was born and raised. That’s why he is taking action to give back to his home community in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). With the help of a business mentor in the SCORE NC program, Ngamasana founded Rural World Impetus, Inc., a 501(c) (3) public charity, in 2020 to help improve the lives of rural deprived communities in the Congo through education, health, and economic self-sufficiency.

A trip home to the Congo in 2018 opened Ngamasana’s eyes to the immediate needs of the residents in his home village. Upon returning to the U.S., he took action and immediately began sourcing financial donations, clothes, and school supplies from his North Carolina community to send back home.

“What I saw in 2018 moved me in such a way that I couldn’t sleep at night. I kept thinking about the children without shoes or adequate clothing, the patients in the hospital, and the complete lack of educational health infrastructure –the needs are endless,” said Ngamasana.

“I formed Rural World Impetus because I knew I needed to streamline my actions, connect data, and bring other people on board.”Data is something Ngamasana knows a lot about. As a statistician at Reynolds, he’s responsible for the statistical analysis of the chemistry data that support regulatory applications, ensuring the science is accurate and transparent.

Rural World Impetus’ impact on the DRC

Rural World Impetus is currently working to build a health clinic to support the communities near Ngamasana’s home village and sponsor high-performing students in the local primary and secondary schools.

“My proudest moment was when the first medical supplies and equipment cargo arrived in Eolo,” said Ngamasana. “I felt very blessed when I received calls from the acting medical doctors to thank my board and me for the items they received and share how much of a difference they made.”

Donations from the Reynolds American Foundation’s employee matching program have helped to support his efforts. To learn more about Rural World Impetus, including ways to help, visit