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Supplier Diversity

Having a diverse supply chain is critical for the continued success of Reynolds Operating Companies.


Rapidly changing demographics and societal expectations contribute to an ever-evolving business landscape. Reynolds operating companies actively recruit and retain diverse suppliers to drive innovation, reduce supply chain impacts and enhance the communities in which they operate. The Reynolds American group is committed, across the enterprise, to enhancing our participation with diverse suppliers. In order to accomplish this goal, we will:

Supplier diversity promotes an innovative business environment not only throughout Reynolds operating companies, but also for their diverse business partners. A diverse supplier base has the following benefits:


Our operating companies commit to ensuring equal-access business opportunities to qualified, high-potential, diverse suppliers. Procurement works with each operating company to determine and execute supplier diversity goals. We track the following diverse supplier categories:

Diverse supplier spend

Historically, we measured performance toward supplier diversity goals using data from suppliers that self-report a diversity status or are third-party certified. In 2016, we completed a validation effort to identify third-party certified suppliers, enabling separate tracking and reporting on suppliers with third-party certifications.

2025 Goal

Our goal is to reach a 6 to 8 percent spend rate with certified diverse suppliers by 2022. We will continue to systematically engage non-certified minority suppliers to encourage them to obtain their third-party certification, as well as look to broaden the number of minority suppliers with whom we do business.

As we expand our supplier diversity program, we will update our tracking and reporting metrics to include the following:


The Supplier Diversity Team plans to advance supplier diversity programs through several initiatives, including: