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Engagement & Advocacy

Products manufactured by Reynolds operating companies are sold, taxed and regulated in all 50 U.S. states. As a result, the companies' businesses can be affected both by laws and regulations that impact the business climate generally, as well as those that specifically govern the manufacture and sale of tobacco products.

We are leading the change in our industry by advocating for policy positions that are working toward:


Reducing the harm caused by smoking


Accelerating the decline in youth tobacco use


Driving innovation throughout our businesses


Redefining enjoyment for adult tobacco consumers


Reynolds operating companies’ advocacy is in line with the principles discussed more fully in our Guiding Principles, the policy positions discussed on this website or otherwise in the interests of the organization.

Reynolds operating companies participate in the political and public policy process in a manner consistent with the law and the interests of our businesses, but our participation is not, as a matter of policy, based on any officer's or employee's personal political preferences. We are engaged and collaborative with a diverse group of legislators and stakeholders at the federal, state and local levels, even when we may not necessarily agree with all of the positions taken by each candidate or organization to which we contribute.


As with many organizations our size, we retain the services of government relations consultants at various political levels, as appropriate. Contracted lobbyists, and staff members registered to lobby, engage with elected officials and their staffs to communicate the companies’ viewpoints and perspectives on legislative and public policy matters. Such engagement is undertaken at the direction of the External Affairs staff for Reynolds American Inc., under the supervision and approval of the executive vice president of External Affairs. Lobbying expenses are disclosed in filings with appropriate federal and state agencies in accordance with applicable laws.

Political contribution policies and procedures

Proposed corporate political contributions are reviewed internally to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to determine that they are in the best interests of Reynolds operating companies. For more details on our policy and procedures, click here.

Information on corporate political contributions is posted annually, during the first quarter of the year following the close of the reporting period.