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Harm Reduction

Reducing disease and death associated with cigarette smoking is in the best interest of not only smokers but society as well. While the best way for smokers to achieve these risk reductions is to quit, there are many smokers who don’t want to quit using nicotine and tobacco products.


Tobacco harm reduction is a complementary approach to prevention and cessation that may lead to a greater reduction in smoking and an improvement to overall public health.

A basic principle of harm reduction is that the product or intervention may not be safe but may be significantly safer than the risky or harmful behavior. Smokers who don’t want to quit tobacco altogether should consider switching to tobacco or nicotine products that may present less risk to their health.


There is a growing body of scientific evidence that vapor, modern oral and other noncombustible tobacco and nicotine products may present significantly less risk than smoking. While some studies report that there may be health risks associated with these products, we believe those risks are likely lower than the risks of smoking cigarettes.

We do not make any health claims about our portfolio of products, but our companies are committed to providing adult tobacco consumers with a wide range of options that best fit their preferences. As technology advances, we will continue to develop innovative product options that meet consumers where they are.