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Executive Perspective Blog Series

Leading voices within the Reynolds American organization share their authentic insights and experiences on the topics they are passionate about. Read Now.

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My personal take on HR

"Successful HR professionals always anticipate - look for insight, see future opportunities and business as usual situations authentically, and then have the courage to acknowledge and act on them."

In this second installment, Anna Dolgikh, SVP & Chief Human Resources and Inclusion Officer shares the incredible role Human Resources can play in business transformation.

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See where international careers can take you

“Diving into a culture can be demanding, it’s also very refreshing. You get exposed to new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives on challenges and a better understanding of how to bring out the best in people.”

In this first installment of a series of blogs, Anna Dolgikh, SVP & Chief Human Resources and Inclusion Officer, discusses how her international career has impacted her leadership style.

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